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What To Do If Baby Vomits After Breastfeeding

Do not give them anything until at least 30 minutes after their last vomit. Give them food in less quantity, but with more frequency. When it comes time to start feeding, begin with soft foods and water. If the baby is still. In most cases, the stomach muscles strengthen, and your baby’s vomiting goes away on its own.

Meanwhile, you can help slow down the vomiting by: avoiding overfeeding giving smaller, more frequent... If continues to vomit, switch to pumped breastmilk. (ORS is rarely needed in breastfed babies. It can be used if vomiting becomes worse). Spoon or syringe feed small amounts of pumped milk. Give 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 ml) every 5 minutes. After 4 hours without throwing up, return to regular feeding at the breast.


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