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"You can not directly get someone to see that they can be better or do better without a bit of influence.
Ms. P has been a positive influencer to my daughter. She taught techniques and gave her a written action plan for practice. I looked for someone my daughter could look up to and see herself in. She’s played drums and piano in school when she was younger and now wants to focus on being a vocalist. Ms. P offers lessons in singing and playing instruments. I figure she would be a perfect example of what you can do with your talents. My daughter words are below: “Working with Mrs.P was a great experience. I didn’t realize how much breathing comes into play while singing. She showed me how to elongate my voice and sing from my chest instead of my throat. She’s very funny and kind and makes learning a comfortable experience.”
I'm thankful for Ms. P and for my daughter's vocal growth."


Priscilla (Ms. P) is a wonderful instructor. She is fun, engaging and enthusiastic; but also a serious motivator for my preteen. I especially appreciate the weekly lesson summary provided by Ms. P that detail what was accomplished in the lesson and emphasizing what was performed particularly well by my student. I highly recommend Ms. P to anyone interested.

Johnathan G.

Great fund of knowledge, enthusiastic, makes it fun to learn, and meets you where you are musically with encouragement to practice and make progress towards your goal. Really appreciate her unique approach to settle and center initially to make for a better experience during the lesson. Highly recommend.

Debbie W.

My daughters love Ms. P. They definitely look forward to their lessons each week. She tailors the lessons to where each of them is and what they are interested in but also challenges them to try and learn new things. She has them composing their own music including learning how to write notes on a staff. She also invites them to find music that they would like to play rather than "just" relying on the book. She has an infectious positive energy which we all love to be around.

Rhena R.

She is the absolute best vocal coach and mentor ever because she uses a holistic approach to music.

Jordan M.

Priscilla has such a calming and warm presence! I love how she opened the lesson with meditation and stretching exercises. And she jumped right into teaching me the song I wanted to learn how to play. I’m really going to enjoy taking more lessons with her. 😊


Priscilla has a lovely, easy going personality while being motivated to get the best out of a student during the lesson time. She is very perceptive and can easily understand what will motivate and "click " with a student. Priscilla recommended apps for tuning our guitar as well as songs to practice at home. She is proactive and easy to communicate with regarding changes in schedules and weather issues (we started in the beginning of 2015 and it snowed a bunch for this area). We appreciate her guidance for practicing since we do not play the guitar.

Sandy P.

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